About Meg

 Hi! Welcome to my site!

My name is Meg and I am a media professional. I am twenty-two years old and have recently completed three years of studying Film Production at The University of Winchester. I have a real passion for editing and post production but it wasn't always that way.  

Even back in college when I was just sixteen, I knew that I wanted to get into the film industry and one day be a director. So I did what every teen who didn't want to listen to their parents would do. I ditched my nice, safe plan of studying English and threw myself into a Media Production course fully motivated to become just that. Two years went by and my focus had completely moved onto post production. Now eighteen and desperate to become an editor, I took a year out of education to gain some experience in the working world. A handful of unpaid shoots and a bit of money saving from my part time job later, I decided to move forward and take on university. 

My time spent at university was all about utilizing the equipment provided to me and creating pieces of work that showed off my editing skillset. I chose modules and productions that allowed me to gain skills in the post production department of film. My time at university has been spent trying to make my dream of becoming an editor become a possible reality. I worked on many different productions whilst being at university and I can only thank it for all of the opportunties that it gave me. I've worked on a plethora of sets, working on a mixture of different projects from short films, promotional videos and documentaries. I am now more than an editor. I'm an editor, floor runner, screenwriter, sound engineer and overall, a budding filmmaker. 

Flash forward to now, and all of the unpaid shoots and spare time spent on my peers' sets has paid off. I have finished university and have now started a three month program with a company called Create Studios that helps young people in film transition from education to industry. There I will be able to further myself and my career by gaining more experience in on set opportunities and creating productions for external companies and clients. Doing this will also give me a greater understanding of all the different aspects of the film industry, something I wish to know if I truly want to make it big in the industry that I love so much.